Google DevFest Journey

Reflecting on an incredible week filled with three Google DevFest events! From the warm welcome in Karabük to the innovative spirit in Çankırı, and finally, the exciting weekend as a speaker at the Konya DevFest.

In Karabük, the genuine interest from the engineering department faculty and the dean left a lasting impression. The personal connections made during insightful conversations added an extra layer of joy. Grateful for the Safranbolu lokum, a delightful local treat, and the certificate received as tokens of appreciation.

Çankırı’s inaugural event was a burst of energy! The enthusiasm and dedication of the team and participants created an unforgettable atmosphere. A special thank you for the unique Google-themed salt lamp, a thoughtful gesture that brightened my experience.

Now, let’s talk about the Konya DevFest! Thanks to the generous support of the Konya Karatay Municipality, the event was nothing short of remarkable. With over 4,000 passionate participants in two massive halls, the Mario-themed concept added a fun and colorful dimension to the experience.

Speaking in a hall with over a thousand engaged attendees, all sharing a passion for information technology, was truly inspiring. The event organizers went above and beyond, ensuring everyone’s comfort and providing not just knowledge but also delightful treats, small gifts, and a beautifully crafted lavender-scented basket for the speakers.

Participating in these events goes beyond sharing insights; it’s about connecting with diverse audiences and being part of a vibrant community. The Mario-themed Konya DevFest was a spectacular journey into creativity and fun. Looking forward to more enriching experiences in the upcoming events!

During these journeys, I recorded a Vlog video for YouTube and I share the links below. I hope you like it and subscribe to my channel.

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