Setting Post Creation Limit for WordPress Users

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to limit the number of posts a WordPress user can publish or submit for review? A few days ago I was asked on social media how to limit the number of posts an author can publish on their WordPress site. In this article, I will explain how to add a post creation limit for WordPress users and why you might want to do so.


Who Should Limit Post Creation in WordPress?

Who does not want my site to be filled with articles. After all, we look at the more content the more hits, right? However, in some cases we may still want to limit the number of publications by authors.

As a simple scenario if you have a multi-author blog, you may want to limit the number of posts each author can post per day, week, or month.

Some membership sites allow their members to promote their content through announcements (posts or other type of posting). In this case, you may want to limit the number of announcements each member can post per week or month.

Another great use is for listing a genre. For example, you might have a topic directory where you allow agents to add features. You can limit the number of features each agent can add daily or monthly.

You may need WordPress author limitation on many issues like this that I haven’t thought of yet.

How to Limit Users Messages in WordPress?

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin. After activation, you need to visit Settings >> page and click on add new limit button to start adding post limits.


This brings up the new limit rules popup where you can choose a user role or an individual user on your site and limit the number of posts they can publish or post in a given time period.


Don’t forget to click the save changes button to keep your user limits.

You can edit or remove any post limit by visiting the same page. Click the edit button to change a limit and click the save changes button to update the settings.


That is all. Now a user will receive such a notification when they try to create more posts than the set limit.


In this article I wrote on the incoming question, I tried to explain how users can limit the posts they can publish on WordPress sites. I hope it did your job.

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