Terms of Use


1.1. Please read the conditions written below to use this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). The owner of the Site reserves the right to change the information, forms, content, the Site, and these Site Terms of Use at any time.

1.2. The owner of this Site is Zeynep Küçük (hereinafter referred to as “WomanEngineer”).

1.3. Individuals and legal entities who benefit from the services offered on this Site (whether for a fee or free of charge) or access the Site in any way are deemed to have accepted the following terms of use. Users who benefit from the services and access the Site are considered to have previously accepted any changes made by WomanEngineer in these Site Terms of Use.

1.4. These Site Terms of Use were published on the Site on 06/02/2017 and became effective for anyone using the Site. These Site Terms of Use are an integral part of any contracts made or to be made with users and business partners of WomanEngineer.


2.1. Site: A website that provides various services and content within the framework determined by WomanEngineer and can be accessed online.

2.2. User/Users: Any natural or legal person(s) accessing the Site online.

2.3. Link: A connection that allows access from the Site to another website, files, content, or from another website to the Site, files, and content.

2.4. Content: Any type of information, file, image, number, price, etc., visual, textual, and auditory images published on the Site and/or any website, or accessible.

2.5. Video: Audio and visual recordings of conversations on specific topics by individuals designated by WomanEngineer, provided by WomanEngineer.


3.1. It is prohibited for children under the age of 13 to become Users. In addition, access to certain Content by Users under the age of 18 may be prohibited on the Site.

3.2. Those who benefit from WomanEngineer’s services and use the Site may only perform transactions on the Site for lawful and personal/corporate purposes. Users are solely responsible for the legal and criminal liability in every action and activity they perform on the Site, including but not limited to, not engaging in any actions or activities that violate the rights of WomanEngineer and/or any third party, not disclosing written, visual, and auditory information, and acknowledging, declaring, and committing that WomanEngineer has the right to use, process, store, disclose, and expose to third parties in any way, in any form, the written, visual, and auditory information provided to WomanEngineer when disclosed. Users also acknowledge, declare, and commit that they will not reproduce, copy, distribute, or process the images, texts, visual and auditory images, videos, files, and databases found on the Site, either through these actions or any other means, and that they will not compete directly and/or indirectly with WomanEngineer.

3.3. WomanEngineer, cooperating institutions, WomanEngineer employees, and managers are not responsible for services provided by third parties and Videos and Content published on the Site. The accuracy and legality of the information, content, visual and auditory images provided and published by any third party are entirely the responsibility of the third parties performing these actions. WomanEngineer does not guarantee the security, accuracy, and legality of the services and content provided by third parties.

3.4. By using the Site, Users will not engage in any activity against WomanEngineer, other Users and third parties. WomanEngineer has no direct and/or indirect liability for any damages suffered or may be incurred by third parties due to the activities on the Site carried out by Users in violation of the provisions of these Site Terms of Use and the law.

3.5. Users accept, declare and undertake that the comments, information and Content provided by them within WomanEngineer’s Site are accurate and lawful. WomanEngineer investigates the accuracy of the comments, information and contents transmitted to WomanEngineer by the Users or uploaded, modified and provided by them through the Site; is not responsible or liable to undertake and guarantee that these comments, information and contents are safe, accurate and legal.

3.6. Users accept and undertake that they will not engage in activities within the Site that will lead to unfair competition in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, that they will not commit acts that will damage the personal and commercial reputation of WomanEngineer and third parties, or that will violate or attack personal rights.

3.7. WomanEngineer reserves the right to change/delete the Content and Videos on the Site and the comments and information added by Users at any time. WomanEngineer may exercise this right without any notice or prior notice. Users must immediately make any changes and/or corrections requested by WomanEngineer. Changes and/or correction requests requested by WomanEngineer can be made by WomanEngineer if deemed necessary. Any damages, legal and criminal responsibilities that may arise or may arise due to Users not fulfilling the changes and/or correction requests requested by WomanEngineer in a timely manner belong entirely to the Users.

3.8. Through the site, WomanEngineer may provide links to other websites and/or Content and/or files that are not under WomanEngineer’s control and owned or operated by third parties. These Links are provided only for ease of reference and do not aim to support the relevant website or the person operating it, nor do they constitute any kind of representation or warranty regarding the website or the information it contains. WomanEngineer has no responsibility for the websites, files and content accessed through the Links on the Site, the services or products offered through the websites accessed through these Links, or their content.

3.9. WomanEngineer may use the information transmitted to it by the User via the Site, in accordance with the Privacy Statement and the provisions of the agreements made with the User; can process this information, classify and store it in a database. WomanEngineer also collects information such as the identity of the User or the visitor, e-mail address, website, IP address, which parts of the Site are visited, domain type, browser type, date and time of visit. may use it within the scope of the agreements made with its partners and for purposes such as statistical evaluation and providing personalized services.

3.10. WomanEngineer is completely free to determine which of the services and content it provides access to within the Site will incur a fee.

3.11. Every user who subscribes to WomanEngineer E-bulletin with their e-mail address from the Site is deemed to have accepted to receive e-mails from all internet and social media channels of WomanEngineer.

3.12. WomanEngineer investigates the accuracy of the information and Content transmitted to WomanEngineer by members or uploaded, modified and provided by them through the Site; It is not obliged or responsible to undertake and guarantee that this information and Content is safe, accurate and lawful, and it is not responsible for the fact that the information and Content in question is incorrect or inaccurate, or due to this information and Content, the member’s computer may be infected with viruses, trojans or similar harmful ones. cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to contamination of codes and programs.


4.1. All elements of the Site (including, but not limited to, design, text, images, html code and other codes all together referred to as “WomanEngineer’s copyrighted works”) belong to WomanEngineer and/or are licensed by WomanEngineer from a third party. taken. Users do not have the right to resell, process, share, distribute, exhibit WomanEngineer services, WomanEngineer information and WomanEngineer’s copyrighted works, or allow anyone else to access or use WomanEngineer’s services. Except for cases expressly permitted by WomanEngineer within the scope of these Site Terms of Use, Users cannot reproduce, process, distribute, or create or prepare derivative works of WomanEngineer’s copyrighted works.

4.2. WomanEngineer reserves all its rights regarding WomanEngineer services, WomanEngineer information, WomanEngineer’s copyrighted works, WomanEngineer trademarks, WomanEngineer commercial appearance or other assets and information provided through the Site, unless expressly authorized under these Site Terms of Use.

4.3. Users do not have the right to resell, process, share, distribute, exhibit, publish, distribute, reproduce or allow anyone else to use the content uploaded to the Site on the internet, intranet or other media. Users cannot reproduce, process, distribute, or create or prepare derivative works from the content uploaded to the Site by other Users.


WomanEngineer may, at its sole discretion, change these Site Terms of Use at any time by posting them on the Site. The changed provisions of these Site Terms of Use will become valid on the date they are announced.


In all cases legally considered force majeure, WomanEngineer is not liable for late performance or non-performance of any of its obligations arising from these Site Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement. These and similar situations will not be deemed as delay, non-performance or default on the part of WomanEngineer, nor will WomanEngineer be liable for any compensation for these situations. The term “force majeure” shall be interpreted as events beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party and which WomanEngineer could not prevent despite exercising due care. In addition, but not limited to, situations such as natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages and bad weather conditions, attacks on the Site and the system despite WomanEngineer taking the necessary information security measures. It is considered force majeure.


Turkish Law will be applied in the implementation and interpretation of these Site Terms of Use and in the management of legal relations arising within these Site Terms of Use. Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that arise or may arise due to these Site Terms of Use.


These Site Terms of Use come into force on the date they are announced on the Site by WomanEngineer. By using the Site, Users accept the provisions of these Site Terms of Use.

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