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Top 15 Tech Blogger to Follow on Instagram

1.      (Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Engineer)

2. strategy_gal               #BusinessCoach to #tech entrepreneurs
Data+business strategy buffh)

3. estefanniegg               (Programming && Robots 👩🏻‍🔬 Computer scientist from #Houston)

4. codingblonde                (Tech | Career | Entrepreneurship 👩‍💻)

5. codingcouple        (Code & Trouble Makers. 
We pivoted our careers from Architecture and Music to #softwareeng)

6. Jessicanaziri          (On-air lifestyle tech expert| Founder @techsesh, follow her for startup advice)

7. msbrandymorgan (Tech Freelancer) creator of 

8. Adriennetacke            (Software Engineer – Author of Coding for Kids Python)

9.  fullsnack_developer  (#web #software #developer | #graphicdesigner)

10. plavookac        ( Web Developer at 🐝)

11. theyogicoder           (Yogi Tech lover | Growth marketing She is building your F.I.R.E life? )

12. theavocoder (Remote Software Developer ✨
Node, GraphQL, Serverless, Docker, AWS, React 🚀)

13. anfisign        (Product designer 🧠 UX & product strategy))

14. carmencodes_       (Developer 🌸 👩🏻‍🎓 AAS in Web Dev. & Design)

15. lindavivah             (🖥 Software Engineer #NYC)

Zeynep Küçük

Hi, I’m Zeynep I am studying in computer engineering in Samsun. I love to share and write about anything that interests me in tech, so welcome on my blog. I’d be really glad to get in touch with you! Don’t forget you can always contact me by email for any inquiries.Follow me on social media.

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