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5 Free Data Science Books for Beginners

1. Learn Python the Right Way 

By Peter Wentworth, Jeffrey Elkner, Allen B. Downey and Chris Meyers

  • Learn in a no-setup environment so they can focus on code.
  • Learn computer science fundamentals.
  • Practice by building real-world projects.

Read it for free here.

2.Practical Statistics for Data Science

By Peter Bruce & Andrew Bruce

Read it for free here.

All concepts are explained in beginner-friendly terms and include hands-on code examples using a mixture of R and Python.

3. Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-learn, Keras and Tensorflow

By Aurelien Geron

Read it for free here.

This book provides a detailed and hands-on introduction to machine learning using some of the most popular Python machine learning packages Scikit-learn, Keras and Tensorflow.

4. Python Data Science Handbook

By Jake Vanderplus

Read it for free here.

This book is a good and broad introduction to the Python data science toolkit. 

5. Deep Learning for Coders with Fastai and Pytorch: AI Applications Without a PHD

By Jeremy Howard and Sylvain Gugger

Read it for free here.

This book is a practical first introduction to deep learning.

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