5 Ways How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency

Blockchain-based coins and tokens continue to surround every part of our lives. It spread from our work environment to our school, from billboards on the street to our homes. Many people leave blockchain technology aside and they take easy ways to make money. Billions of dollars are bought and sold every day. In this way, many people make a profit, and many others lose. But what other options are there to profit from Crypto besides holding or trading? In the rest of my article, I talked about 5 Ways How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in different ways. I also want to say that these are just examples and are never investment advice. Please do your own research before investing in any of these.

1- View Ads, Earn and Get Rid of Ads with Brave Browser

A little surprising isn’t it? There will be no ads, but we will earn money from ads. I will explain later in the article. First of all, let me talk about Brave Browser.

Brave browser is based on Google Chrome and it puts a very strong focus on privacy and security by blocking annoying ads, trackers, etc. On the other hand it lets you earn money through its own token.

How many BAT you earn depends on how many ads you are willing to watch. Watching ads you can earn BAT tokens, keep them in your wallet and sell them for other Cryptos on exchanges. You can earn about $3 a month this way. It’s pretty simple, just use Brave browser.

2. Play DeFi games to earn Crypto.

If you like to play games, it’s pretty good for both playing games and making money.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) games are based on play and earnings. By playing, you can get items in the game, such as pieces of earth and clothes (skins) for your avatar. These items are represented as non-interchangeable tokens (NFTs), which you can sell to other players. A popular example is DeFi game Decentraland, where you can create, buy and sell virtual real estate, art and other items using the currency of the MANA ecosystem. The token can be sold on all major stock exchanges.

3. Get some Airdrops.

To increase the number of users, most projects give free coins or tokens in the form of airdrops. Needless to say, they paid a lot of money. Projects only give $5 or $10. However, after the projects are released, they can be valued later and you can earn good money for free.

If you search for airdrop on google, you can see many resources. I also want to say that some airdrop projects may not make money because they are purely scam projects.

4. Write and share content to earn Crypto.

Many platforms allow users to post content and make money with it. This usually works so that users can upload content to others who immediately receive stock or tokens from the pool. Like Steemit, Leo Finance and Publish0x.

How much you earn as a content creator depends on many things. Income per article or contribution can range from a few cents to several hundred US dollars. The most important influencing factors are the frequency of content publishing, the weight of the users who rate the content, and of course the quality of the published content. You are often rewarded with the native coin of the platform.

5. Referral Bonuses 

Some cryptocurrency exchanges offer registration or referral bonuses for using their services. The previous Coinbase registration bonus offered $ 5 to new users to invest in cryptocurrencies, for example, and the exchange now offers a $ 10 bonus to you and your referral when they create and trade an account, and at least $ 100. . Make sure you pay attention to the terms of these bonuses. Many platforms like this provide additional income for each user. If you have many followers, you should definitely do it.

Money Earning With Other Ways

Cryptocurrencies may not be for you or you may want to Earn more Money. Here is the Bonus for you. You should take a look at my article that I describe the platform that you can earn money with your own skills.

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